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Weekly Spellings

Set 18th March - Quiz 25th March

Revision of all spelling patterns and key words covered this term.

Set 11th March - Quiz 18th March

Year 5/6 Key Words:

accommodate, aggressive, appreciate, committee, community, correspond, disastrous, exaggerate, mischievous, privilege

Set 12th Feb - Quiz 26th Feb


buy, by, bye, hole, whole, rain, reign, rein, role, roll

Set 5th Feb - Quiz 12th Feb


their, there, they're, to, too, two, wear, where, were, we're

Set 29th Jan - Quiz 5th Feb

ough spelling rule:

bought, cough, dough, drought, enough, rough, though, thought, tough, trough

Set 19th Jan - Quiz 26th Jan

ei & ie spelling rule:

conceive, friend, height, leisure, neighbour, piece, receive, science, shield, thief

Set 12th Jan - Quiz 19th Jan

ie spelling rule:
field, friend, movie, patients, piece, science, shield, species, thief, varied

Exception Words - Y5 and Y6

Exception Words - Y3 and Y4