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Purleigh Community Primary School

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Meet the Governors

We have a supportive local governing body at Purleigh Primary School.  If you wish to contact any of our school governers, please do so through the school office.

Mrs H Cook (Chair)      1st September 2018 - Present
Mrs E Garrett    1st September 2018 - Present
Mr J Figg          1st April 2014 - Present
Mr K Alexander  4th December 2018 - Present
Mr N Stotter      1st September 2015 - Present

Mr N Moore           1st December 2017 - Present

Miss Jessica Cox  23rd November 2020 - Present

Mrs Julia Morris 23rd November 2020 - Present


Mrs Michelle Cox     Clerk

Our local governing body meets four times a year as well as attend the school for regular monitoring visits. We feed directly into the board of trustees. Our pay committee makes recommendations to the trust's pay committee.

Governing Body minutes are available at no charge.

Declaration of Pecuniary Interests and Personal Interests –Sept 2021

Governing Body Attendance 2020-2021