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Weekly Arithmetic

Christmas Maths - Due 4th Jan

Week 12 - Set 8th Dec

Week 11 - Set 1st Dec

Week 10 - Set 24th Nov

For this week's homework - remember the rules of BODMAS to help you.
Brackets, Other, Divide, Multiply, Addition, Subtraction

Week 9 - Set 17th Nov

Week 8 - Set 10th Nov

Week 7 - Set 3rd Nov

Have a go at using these Ultimate Times Tables sheets over the half term.

You do not have to do all of them in one go, for example: you could try and answer 20 questions a day, or see how many you can do in a set time. You could challenge yourself to complete each sheet in a quicker time or even have a competition with a family member.

Week 5 - Set 13th Oct

Week 4 - Set 6th Oct

Week 3 - Set 29th Sept

Remember: A factor is an integer (whole number) that divides exactly into a whole number without a remainder. Eg, 3 is a factor of 12. A factor pair is a set of two factors. When multiplied together, they give a particular product . Eg, 3 and 4 have a product of 12, so 3 and 4 are a factor pair of 12.

Week 2 - Set 22nd Sept

Wk 1 - Set 15th Sept