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Weekly Spellings

Weekly Spellings Homework

Weekly spellings will be made up of words from the Exception List (Y5 and Y6) and from the rule we have been learning in Class. These will be posted here as well as stuck in reading records each week. The children will then have a quiz the following week to see how well they have learnt the patters or groups of words. The children will use these words throughout the week at school, but should also revise them at home to help commit them to memory.


The Exception Words are a list of unusually spelled words (ones that do not follow a pattern). The expectation is that most children should be able to spell these by the time they leave Primary School. These words are all available in the middle of your pupil's reading record. The Y3 and Y4 words are also posted on this page for your reference. 

Week 3:

  • Set 27th Sept – Quiz 4th Oct - Prefix tele-

telescope, teleport, telepathy, telegraph, television, telepathic, telephone, telethon, telemetry, telecommunication 

Week 2:

  • Set 20th Sept – Quiz 27th Sept - Hyphens

well-adjusted, baby-blue, hot-pink, co-operate, cold-hearted, brightly-coloured, runner-up, ninety-five, re-form, tired-looking

Week 1:

  • Set 13th Sept – Quiz 20th Sept - Suffixes beginning with vowel letters to words ending in –fer

transfer, transferring, transference, prefer, preferring, preference, infer, inference, inferring, refer