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Spring Term

For the Spring term our topic focus will be on what is probably the most important global event of recent history:

The Second World War

Through this fascinating period of the 20th century we will not only explore the causes and impact of the war globally, but also investigate wartime experiences on a smaller scale as we learn about the day to day lives of the British at home, evacuees and the Home Guard. We will also be researching individual accounts from further afield in Germany, Holland and France as we learn what the war was like from the point of view of a German citizen, Anne Frank and the front-line soldiers.

In English we will study the short film ‘The Piano’ and attempt to unravel its story, symbolism and emotional weight. We will also write fictional diary entries and stories as we attempt to imagine the war from alternative points of view. Non-fiction reports and articles will report the heroism and atrocities of the war from a neutral standpoint.

Maths is all about fractions, decimals and percentages for this term, but we will be keeping our other mathematical knowledge and skills sharp and up to date with regular arithmetic practices and investigations.

Materials and chemical reactions and changes will be our science focus as we conduct a range of experiments to test our (and accepted) scientific theories.