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Autumn Topic Homework

Maths Arithmetic Homework

The children will be given maths homework each week that will centre around arithmetic and link to the learning that has happened in class that week. The children will be given all or part of the activity - depending what suits them best. However, the whole activity will be posted below, so feel free to access any additional sections as an extension if you or your child so wish.

Set 3rd December

Have a go at adding up all the numbers on your advent calendars.
What do you get as a grand total?

Set on 22nd Oct

Half Term

Don't forget to regularly use TT Rockstars to help keep all that hard work up to date.
Remember, practise, practise, practise is key.

We have found that the children don't always look closely enough at the operation of their arithmetic questions.

This activity is designed to make sure they look carefully.

This week's homework is a challenge.
If your child finds the division questions tricky - feel free to leave them, but they should all be able to give the multiplication questions a go. We have demonstrated the methods to the children, but the division in particular is a new concept so may be more difficult for them.

Many Thanks.