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Our weekly spellings comprise of a mixture of spelling patterns and challenge words. The first 4/5 spellings will refer to a spelling pattern and the rest of the spellings are the Y3/4 spellings. You can also find the Y3/4 spellings in your child's reading record. 

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Suffix -ly

happily, easily, sleepily, angrily, gently

Challenge Words:

accidentally, address, arrive, believe, bicycle


Suffix -ly

simply, nobly, basically, frantically, dramatically

Challenge Words:

build, calendar, century, circle, complete




-sure ending

treasure, measure, pleasure, enclosure, closure

Challenge Words:

continue, describe, different, disappear, Earth


-ture ending

mixture, adventure, capture, feature

Challenge Words:

early, exercise, experiment, extreme, probably, naughty



-ture ending

 moisture, nature, picture, vulture
 Challenge Words:
 famous, favourite, February, fruit, naughty, perhaps



We recommend that the children learn their spellings on a weekly basis. To make it fun, here are some methods that the children can use when practising their spellings...