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Summer 1 Homework will all be related to Times Tables in preparation for the assessment later in the term.

We hope you found the information that we sent out before the holidays about the national test useful.

Please don't hesitate to get in touch if you or your child have any further questions.

The children are regularly working with Times Tables in class, but the best way to support them in readiness for the assessment, is to do little and often, as the repetition is what will help.

We would like to see the children spend 5 minutes a day on TT Rokstars at home.

They will then also have a weekly Times Tables recall sheet that will be posted on the website as their arithmetic homework activity. It does not need to be fully completed, but the children should be spending
15-20 minutes on the sheet and see how far they can get in that time.

The children love a challenge and will enjoy the competition of seeing how many questions they can answer in the set time.

Many thanks for the continued support.

Set 29th April

The children have seen these Times Tables wheels before, but you may not have done so.

To complete, you need to multiply the inner circle with the number in the middle ring, which will give an answer in the outer ring. Where there are missing numbers, the inverse operation of division in needed to find the answer.