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Weekly Spelling

Set 14th July

As it is the end of term, we will not be setting any new spellings.

It will help the children to revise all of the patterns and key words that we have covered this term as we will be exploring these through the week.

Set 7th July - Quiz 14th July

was                   were

they                  there

are                    looked

when                 asked
what                 called

Set 30th June - Quiz 7th July

like                   Mr

their                 people

could                looked

oh                     asked
Mrs                   called

Set 23rd June - Quiz 30th Jun

said               some

come             little
one                were

out                what

when             there

Set 16th June - Quiz 23rd June

he                   was 

she                 they

me                  are

we                  my
be                   her

Set 9th June - Quiz 16th June

unzip                   unwrap

unpack                unwell

unkind                unlucky

unhook                uncover
unhappy             unfair

Set 26th May - Quiz 9th June - after half term

Phase 2/3 Tricky Words
to                   I

the                 and

no                  you

go                   all
into                was

Set 19th May - Quiz 26th May 

cooked              cooker

taller                 tallest

colder                coldest

longer                longest

played               player

Set 12th May - Quiz 19th May 

tallest               smallest
freshest             quickest
highest              slowest

brightest           coldest

lightest             longest

Set 5th May - Quiz 12th May 

cooker               taller
fresher              quicker
higher               brighter

lighter               slower

smaller              helper

Set 28th April - Quiz 5th May              

washed             looked

picked                played

kicked                brushed
talked               sniffed

walked              cooked

Set 21st April - Quiz 28th April

dogs          foxes

boys          dishes

books        brushes

lamps        churches
boxes         glasses