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Weekly Lesson Packs

There are detailed activities for each day here. You may find that your child enjoys some more than others. The activities work best if you are involved so you may wish to pick only a couple of the tasks and do them well rather than try to fit everything in. Best wishes. 

An Ode to Pancakes

The joy of flipping

Counting down the minutes while you sizzle

Sweetness and sunshine on a plate

Diving in

Wanting another one

I particularly enjoyed 'The Dragon Who Ate Our School' poem and working out the best way to read it aloud.

Red hot challenge: Use a variety of fronted adverbials to start your expanded noun phrases.

'In the bedroom' could work for your poem too e.g. a lidless red felt pen just waiting for a chance to...

If you like poetry there's more on the Oak Academy (see website links)

Extra challenges: Find out about spiders and look for their webs (carefully and you might find their eggs or babies)