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Week beginning 1.3.21

See WHOLE SCHOOL CHALLENGES for this week's challenge please       


Monday Mindfulness: Breath meditation


Spelling test: Creating Adverbs (When the Root Word Ends in ‘ic’ or ‘al’)                                    Try to fill in the missing words in the sentences. How many did you get correct?


Perseus and Medusa

Watch the story.

Put the story sentences in the right order.

Awesome Active Activity

Home exercises for kids



Starter: Times tables games


Telling the time: Assessment* The ‘expected’ level at the end of Year3 is telling the time in 5 minute intervals. However, this will vary from child to child. It’s best to have a solid understanding so work from what your child already knows and understands.


Using the results of the telling the time assessment, select the appropriate videos, powerpoints and worksheets to work through over the next 3 days.

Look in the maths section in 'Additional Resources' to find these


Mosaics: What are they and how are they made?

What is a mosaic? (video)


Make a mosaic online (with squares)

Make a mosaic online (more shapes)


2200 year old ancient Greek mosaics discovered