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Week Beginning 4.1.21

Welcome Back!

Tapestry Uploads

Hi Everyone,


Just a quick message to make sure you are all uploading your child's work to Tapestry correctly.


Within the PowerPoints are instructions on what to upload to Tapestry across the week. Please make sure you upload each subject / lesson as individual posts, rather than one post for the day. When the posts are in separate subjects, I am able to add better feedback, comments, and most importantly links to the curriculum and areas of learning. This will allow me to better track the different subjects and tailor the work to the children's needed.


There are 5 posts that need to be uploaded to Tapestry this week:


  1. Tuesday's maths - Ordering and Representing Numbers 11 - 20
  2. Thursday's maths - Ten and How Many More
  3. New Year's Resolution work
  4. Police Writing
  5. Topic - Police Car model and/or Wanted Poster Collage


You have been working brilliantly so far, and I just want to make sure this is reflected within your child's online learning journey.


Thank you for your continued support,


Mr Terry


Please make sure to upload all work with this image next to it onto Tapestry. This is how your child's work will be marked, checked and added to their online learning journey. Class R will not be using their class email to check your child's work, unless different arrangements have been made with Mr Terry. Thank you.