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Purleigh Community Primary School

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What if..? Wednesday         What if we couldn’t smell?

What would be good or not so good if we couldn’t smell things?


Simple video then one with more detail about how smell works


Spelling: Creating Adverbs (When the Root Word Ends in ‘ic’ or ‘al’)

Practice the target words as joined handwriting then write them on the ‘2nd try’ section of the Look, Say, Cover, Write, Check sheet.

*Mutli-sensory methods to help learn a tricky spelling


Writing: Use your spider notes to help you write about one aspect of Greek life in more detail today. Watch my videos for clues how to do this.

*You may want to go back and read/watch activities from Monday and Tuesday to help you or do more research online.

Try to answer ‘why’ questions

Awesome Active Activity

Fun Fitness Bingo Boards

Have a look at the different activities. Pick 10 and try to do 20 of each


Starter: Hit the Button. Are you getting better? Are you challenging yourself?


Main: Rounding

Rounding to the nearest 10 and the nearest 100


Watch Miss P’s videos. Use the poster rhyme as a reminder

Questions to answer

 Well-being Wednesday

Pick something from the Well-being zone for this afternoon’s activity

You may want to continue your Greek mask or have a look at some Greek recipes - it's up to you!