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Wednesday's Schedule

Wednesday Well-being Starter

The Power of yet

What do you do if something is tricky?

What could you do in the future?


Spelling: Practice the target words as joined handwriting then write them on the ‘2nd try’ section of the Look, Say, Cover, Write, Check sheet.


Planning your own mythical story.

Watch my video, decide who the characters will be and what will happen in your story

Use the planning sheet headings to help you write notes about your story ideas.

Think about the problem before you do the build-up.

Awesome Active Activity

Bingo board. Can you do 10 of each? Then 10 more!


Starter: times tables to work on (write them out, chant, play some games)


Measuring: Length in cm and half cm

Watch the powerpoint in Miss P's video

Go round the house measuring objects. Predict the length first.

Make sure you start from zero and are using centimetres

Challenge: Watch the video in the link below. How long are the ant and the jellybean in mm?

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