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Play ‘Doubles’ and 'Halves' on Hit the Button

Main: Fractions recap: understanding the concept of 1/21/3 and 1/4 of shapes and numbers.

Go through the teaching pages for Day 2 and do the questions.


When you've finished have a go at the 'Canopy Chaos' game on Active Learn

Awesome Active Activity


Spelling: words with a short i sound spelt with a ‘y’

Watch the PowerPoint. Practice the target words as joined handwriting then write them on the ‘1st try’ section of the Look, Say, Cover, Write, Check sheet.


Your task is to research dolphins and make your own page of information and pictures.

Watch the videos about dolphins.


Search by typing in Dolphin facts for kids (remember to skip past the adverts)

I thought this was a good page of information.


LO: Research safely online and find relevant information

LO: Copy and paste images and text

RHC: Can you rewrite some information in your own words

Miss P reading Chapter 1 of The Shark Headed Bear Thing

Still image for this video