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Purleigh Community Primary School

Achievement for all in a community that cares




Starter: Number bond games


Main: Add a 2 digit number and a one digit number crossing the tens (Watch the videos and try some examples)

Add 3 digit number and one digit numbers crossing the tens

Awesome Active Activity

Brain gym exercises


Spelling: Creating Adverbs (When the Root Word Ends in ‘ic’ or ‘al’) Watch the PowerPoint. Practice the target words as joined handwriting then write them on the ‘1st try’ section of the Look, Say, Cover, Write, Check sheet.

*Mutli-sensory methods to help learn spelling


Greek Research: Read sections from Dorling Kindersley pages about the Ancient Greeks and  their home life

Add more information to your spider plans/notes


Greek masks: Make a mask and decorate it.

Look at the examples below to help you decide how to make your mask and what facial expression to have.

Draw some sketches to help you plan the design.


Paper/card masks (cereal boxes?)


Papier mache masks


Egg carton faces