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Today is Safer Internet Day

Advice from UK Safer Internet Centre (including top tips for children)

Online Safety advice and activities to do with children:


Hooray! It’s a snow day.

How many words can you make from these letters?

Watch Miss P’s video for clues


Spelling test.

Test last week’s spellings with snow sentences. Have you got better?

Edit and improve your story

(Draw illustrations if you wish)

Awesome Active Activity

Purple Watermelon Brain Buster Breaks

Do the warm up then Day 3 The round your head challenge


Starter: Pick a maths game from Active Learn


Main: 2d shapes Snowflakes have hexagonal shapes. Go through the Power point about 2d shapes.

Match the shapes to their properties.


The Ancient Greeks started the first ever Olympics. Find out more

BBC Bitesize: How did the Olympic Games begin?


Write 5 facts and 2 questions


There are lots more about the Olympics in the Additional Resources folder