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Thunk Thursday...


              If giraffes ruled the world, what changes might there be?


Spelling - Complete the '3rd Try' of the look cover say write check sheet. How many did you get correct?

If there is a tricky one, think which part catches you out and work on that bit. Try some 'multi-sensory ways of learning these spelling by writing the word with a stick in sand or mud, or colouring the word in different ways.



Read the Trojan Horse Story. This is a bit basic so we are going to improve parts of it over the next few days.


Watch Miss P’s video about speech punctuation.


Write some speech for different characters at different times in the story.

Who will you pick, when in the story will you choose and what might the character say that fits?

Use the word mat to help you decide on synonyms to use instead of 'said'

speech punc.mp4

Still image for this video

Awesome Active Activity

Have a go at learning the Haka


The haka is a traditional war cry, war dance, or challenge in Māori culture. It is a posture dance performed by a group, with vigorous movements, stamping of the feet and rhythmic shouting.


Warm up: Chanting the times tables you know.

Play Coconut Multiples, Hit the Button or Canopy Chaos.

Have you got better?


Complete a fractions differentiated colouring sheet (there are 3 levels to chose from)

Make and play the 'Pairs' game


Wars start for a specific reason and can last a very long time.

Invaders were often away from home for a long time. How would they have felt?

Read about the ancient Greeks at war and play the game to find Argo, the lost dog.