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It's World Book Day!

There are live events to watch and get involved with.

Miss P has also set her own challenges for you

Free books!

Live events:

World Book Day Share a story live event at 10.30

Words and Pictures: Bring Reading to Life


Live Lesson 11.30 CBBC and bbcTeach

Miss P's challenges 


1. Watch Miss P's first video


2. Read the extract for yourself


3. Design your own treehouse. Label some of the features - try to add extra details


4. In Chapter 2, Terry paints a cat.... Listen to Miss P's video and read the chapter yourself.


What other weird and unlikely thing might Terry (or your own character) do?

What does Andy (or another character of your choice) say?

What actually happens?

Write your own chapter about this.

Draw a map to show what happens.