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I am awesome!

Write notes or pictures about some of the things you like doing or that you are good at. 

Leave the notes round the house for to find and remind you later.


Spelling: Creating adverbs using the suffix -ly (root word ends in ‘y’ with more than one syllable)

Have a go at the word search then write the words on the ‘3rd try’ section of the Look, say, cover, write, check sheet.


Writing a mythical story

Write the beginning and build up of your own story using the plan you wrote yesterday.

Watch Miss P’s first video for some clues, then have a go at writing. After a brain break, watch the second video and carry on. If you get to the problem that's great but don't worry if you don't as this will be tomorrow's lesson too.

Don't rush it - include wow words and lots of interesting details

Awesome Active Activity

Purple Watermelon Brain Buster Breaks

Do the warm up first, then the Day 1 vertical pull challenge


Starter: times tables to work on (write them out, chant, play some games)


Main: Watch Miss P’s video about multiplying by 10. Try some multiplying numbers by 10  for yourself using the 'moving one place bigger' clue e.g. 10 x 7,  10 x 12,  10 x 16,    10 x 35,   10 x 104 (sneaky one!)


Watch the related calculations video and Miss P's second video.

Try at least 10 examples of related calculations of your own (you can use any times table)

E.g.      3 x 4 = 12   so  30 x 4 = 120



Magnetism investigation

Which objects or materials prevent a metal paperclip being attracted to a magnet?

Carry out the investigation, record your results and answer the questions

magnetism investigation.mp4

Still image for this video