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Spellings Set 25th March - Quiz 1st April

This week's spelling pattern is looking at how to use possessive apostrophes. Obviously, this rule can be used with lots of words so rather than issuing a list of spellings, we would like the children to look on the BBC Bitesize page (see below link) and explore how to use the rule.


Spellings Set 11th March - Quiz 18th March

calf         calves
elf           elves

cuff         cuffs

sniff        sniffs

curve      curves

swerve    swerves

knife        knives

life           lives


Spellings Set 25th Feb - Quiz 4th March

-cian ending:
physician      optician

magician       politician


Challenge Words:
peculiar        possible

potatoes       pressure


Spellings Set 11th Feb

Please revise the Year 3/4 key words.
These can all be found in the middle of reading record books.

Spellings Set 4th Feb - Quiz 11th Feb

We will use a selection of words that have been learnt through this half term.

Challenge Words:
A selection of Year 3/4 Key Words. 
These can all be found in the middle of reading record books.

Spellings Set 28th Jan - Quiz 4th Feb

-sion ending:
conclusion           profession
division                vision

Challenge Words:
perhaps           recent
possible           regular

Spellings Set 21st Jan - Quiz 28th Jan

-sion ending:
collision           explosion
confusion        extension

Challenge Words:
enough           favourite
experiment     forward

Spellings Set 14th Jan - Quiz 21st Jan

-tion ending:
nation          imagination
solution       correction

Challenge Words:
regular        remember
sentence    surprise


Spellings Set 7th Jan - Quiz 14th Jan

-tion ending:
fiction              attention

friction             mention

fraction            position

direction          question

Challenge words:
experience      purpose