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School show around for prospective parents of EYFS children Sept 2021

Hello and welcome to our tour information page.


We know what an important time this is, with big decisions for families to make about school places. We know that Covid 19 restrictions have limited what we normally do to introduce families to our school, but we will do everything we can to give you access to what you need to know about being a reception child at Purleigh Primary School


Due to the Covid 19 measures in place we will not be able to run our usual Open Afternoon this year. We do hope to do some limited number show arounds through November. This will be determined by the situation regarding the

Covid 19 restrictions. If we are unable to do this we will make a telephone appointment and talk you through Purleigh School, our EYFS / Reception Class set up and any other questions which you may have.


If you email the school to with your phone number this will be passed on to the head teacher and they will get back to you.