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SAT Results 2019

2019 SAT results (Figure in brackets indicates the 2019 national average)

Reading 81% at Age Related Expectation (73% National Average) 37% achieved high standard (27%)
Writing 87% at Age related Expectation (78% National Average) 35% achieved high standard (20%)
Maths 94% at Age related Expectation (79% National Average) 39% achieved a high standard (27%)

Reading, Writing and Maths Combined 81% (65% National Average) 16% achieved a high standard in Reading, Writing and Maths combined (11%).

Reading average scaled score 107
Maths average scaled score 109

Grammar, punctuation and spelling average scaled score 109


Progress Reading: review been submitted
Progress Writing +1.0
Progress Maths +0.5


Please note that both of our pupils with high levels of SEND did not sit the test but are included in these progress scores!