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Plastic Pollution



Or Refuse?


A letter to Boris Johnson from Eilena

Martha’s idea for helping the environment with plastic pollution.

We delivered these to our neighbours and put one on our fence. We have also visited some local shops to ask for donations for the community litter pick. We have been given black bags, gloves and some foodie treats for the trip! 

Save the Earth (A persuasive rap by Elsie Rose)


Our planet is in danger

We need to do something quick.

Come on pick up your bags, that's where we begin

Everyone should do their bit.

Icebergs are melting, the rain won't fall

This could be the last survival.

Our forests are turning to ash every day

Surely there has to be a better way?

We have to be firm

Now it's your turn.


Just one small change in the little things we do

We'll show you how, now it's up to you.

Let's do this today, let's do this today.



Read the whole of Elsie's fabulous rap here.

Is Plastic Fantastic? (Booklet)

Activity ideas:

  • Design a poster
  • Write a letter to the Government
  • Reduce, Reuse and Recycle at home
  • ?