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Mr B's Messages

Hi All


I have had a very pleasant week off - I hope you and your families have too. I am conscious that I have two days worth of work still to mark - I had planned to do it whilst off - but then ended up having a proper break. I will catch up on it this week.


Obviously tomorrow is an exciting day as we get to hear from our Prime Minister what the plan is for exiting lockdown - we know that schools will play a key role in that roadmap, but what shape that will take we just have wait and see.


My plan for this week and next is the same as pre-half term. 


08.50 Maths Zoom

11.15 English and Lesson 3 Zoom


Work should be submitted on the day it is set - please don't worry about carrying work over into the next day. It is not necessary - but if your pupil wants more time to finish the work off, then that is fine by me. The work that I set should be achievable in the 4 hours that the Government has asked us to put in place. Of course, different pupils will achieve more or less than others in the time set. Knowing that I should have all work in by the end of the day means that I can plan my time accordingly. I will aim to get work marked by the end of the day after it is set. Usually that works out - sometimes it does not.


I have seen some really great work over the last half term - it shows that remote learning can work. I have also seen some work that is clearly of a lower standard than I see in class. This is not really acceptable - Year 6 pupils should be capable (in general) of working at least to the same standard as when in school. I would get your pupils to ask themselves 'Is this the best that I can do'; if it is not, then in school I would ask them to either improve it or do it again. I will give that honest feedback going forward. Let us take the half term as a reset and look forward to top effort from tomorrow.


I will continue to issue Smileys and Purleigh Stamps as rewards for effort and quality of work. I am keeping a record of these, so will add them to existing totals when back face to face.


Low level homework will be set - spellings and arithmetic practice. Set on Friday and due in Friday please.


I am putting a stronger emphasis this half term on Reading - it is the one area that we need more focus on.

See the notes that I have put on the Reading Rabbit page of the remote learning website. Time to dust off the Reading Records and Free Read!


May I also just remind my Class of the Zoom Rules we follow:


  1. Turn up on time - 5 mins before the lesson start time
  2. Let me know if you are not going to make it - just so I know not to wait for you
  3. Eat before or after the lesson - not during
  4. Dress for school
  5. Be ready to learn
  6. Take part - get involved


One last thing that I need to do, is thank you all for your support to your pupils and to me last half term. It is great to hear your updates in how well your child has done each day - both the ups and downs. Please make sure that you keep me informed of their struggles - I can address many of these when we get back to face to face. Please use email to contact me regarding lesson issues and questions - I am in email most of the 'school day' so can respond quickly. I have, and will continue to, email responses / phone if required or set up a quick Zoom call where help is needed. 


I am really looking forward to seeing everyone again tomorrow. 


Here's to the next 5 weeks!




Darren Bretton