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Mindful Monday Starter

Find out about mindfulness and the brain – a doctor tells you about the ‘lizard’ part and the ‘smart’ part of your brain.

Then try square breathing.


Spelling test.

Test last week’s spellings. Have you got better?


Mythical Creatures from Ancient Greece

Look at and read the powerpoints about some of the creatures from Greek Myths.

Start thinking about what features your own creature might have and why. You could use sub-headings to help you organise this


Look at the Top Trumps game and play it if you can.

Awesome Active Activity


Try the Fun Fitness Bingo Board. Can you do 20 of each one?


CBBC 10.05 Celebrity Supply Teacher is Darcy Bussell (Dance)



Begin to sketch ideas for your ‘Mythical Creature’ designs. 


Starter: Play some maths games


1. Watch this video about position and orientation

Can you try out some direction instructions? Have a go at the Touring teacher mazes


2. Finding right angles – do this after the zoom please 

Watch the Espresso link about right angles