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Children's Mental Health Week Starter

The Squiggle game


Starter: Hit the Button number bonds

  1. The equals sign. Watch Miss P’s video. Try different ways of making numbers using different representations
  2. Equivalent Fractions. Watch Miss P’s video to remind you about fractions. Find fractions that are equivalent to ½ (There are more sheets for finding other equivalents if want to have a go at them)

Awesome Active Activities

Try something from the Well-being  zone.


Spelling test.

Test last week’s spellings. Have you got better?


Odysseus and the Cyclops Watch Miss P’s video about story boards, story mountains and the parts of a story. Order the Cyclops story parts on a story mountain.


BBC Bitesize Who were the ancient Greeks gods and heroes?

Read, explore, play the game and watch the video

Start to design your own hero or heroine. What will they be like?