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Message from Mr B


Well done to all who submitted work last week.

It was great to see you getting on well with the material and the remote learning.

I have lots of feedback about the Zoom calls and the video support, so next week there will be a Zoom (08.50) on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. On Tuesday and Thursday there will be a video.

The Meeting Code for the Zoom will stay the same from now on - see the schedule attached. The password will be emailed to you and will also stay the same.



Just to make things a little slicker, and easier for me to mark the Home Work, if you can, would you please follow the following guidelines:

1. Only one email - attach several files if you can. 

2. Type the date and your child's name into the subject field - 11.01.21 Danny Bond

3. Start a new email for each day's work - when you reply to my reply we can get several days files on the same message. Confusing!

4. Submit work every day please - it makes it easier to manage. 

4. Where work set has an answer sheet - please use this to help your child if they are struggling. Also, when they have completed, let the mark their work and see if they can solve where things might have gone wrong. It is what we would do in class. I can then also just flick through those pieces of work and speed up my marking (which can take some time). 

5. One last suggestion, if you are able to photograph your work in portrait style, if makes it easier for me to read. I can download and rotate it (or the laptop), but portrait would make it quicker (if possible).



1. Each day, work will be set between 4pm and 7pm.

2. The schedule will be posted at the same time - so you can have a quick glance at what is planned.

3. I will aim to mark work the day after it is submitted (to allow time for it to be completed). 


Keep up the good work all. 


Mr B.