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Message from Mr B.

Good Morning,

So we have completed another remote learning week - and with positive feedback all round.

The Zoom Lessons have gone down well with parents and pupils - and I have enjoyed the double daily interaction with my class.

In general, the work being submitted has been great - the writing creativity in particular has been strong.

Zoom details for this week are the same - timings, meeting ID and passcode (spiral shelled creature with a capital S).


Topic: Purleigh School's Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 686 904 2288


Just a note on the submission of work - I would like to see something from each task each day - but if for any reason a piece of work has not be done, or has not been completed, that is not a problem. There is NO NEED to try to catch up on any worked not completed - if not done on the day, then I will not be expecting to see it. If partially completed - then send it to me anyway. Remember if possible, one email per day please - it just makes it easier to manage.

I will be working on feedback for Friday's work today - I had a weekend off!

Here's to another great week.


Mr B.