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Message from Mr B

Dear Parents, 


From Mr Stotter’s Parentmail, you will be aware of our ‘evolved’ remote learning plan, starting tomorrow. 

I will host a twice daily Zoom call to support the tasks that I am setting for Class 6 to complete at home. 


Zoom Calls: 

08.50 - Maths Teaching to cover the learning for the tasks set. Pupils will have the chance to ask questions about methods and processes shown. 

11.15 – The start of the second session will cover any issues raised from the Maths tasks, before delivering English Teaching. Again, this will set the pupils up for the English tasks. At the end of this second Zoom, I hope to cover the tasks for lesson 3. 


The outline schedule is attached to this email and posted on the webpage. 


My aim is to keep the Meeting ID and Passcode the same for all meetings – it remains to be seen if I have set up a recurring meeting effectively! 


MEETING ID – 6869042288 / PASSCODE – Small blue creature 


To support pupils in the event of IT issues, the teaching materials will be posted on the Home Learning webpage. 


To allow me time to prepare lesson resources, I will need to manage the marking and feedback. Where tasks can be self-marked this should be completed by the pupils before the tasks are submitted. I can then visually review their results – where it is clear that they have understood the task, I will probably not make a comment (such as getting most of the Maths questions right). Comments will be focused on tasks that do not have a finite answer – both formative (what went well) and constructive (what could be better).  


I hope to use the Blog as a mechanism for supporting the Class by responding to questions raised regarding the tasks and the work. Login details have been issued direct to you - so please let me know f they have not been received.


These plans will continue to evolve. Updates will be issued as and when necessary. 


Here’s to a constructive week! 


Many Thanks 


Darren Bretton