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The science that has been set for the last few weeks, will look at revising the topic of Materials as well as previous topics covered in Year 5. The children can use this opportunity to recap their knowledge and see what they can remember.

Feel free to pick and choose the order you cover things for Science 29th June - 13th July, it will all help as revision and get the children thinking in a scientific way.

Summer Term - Week 11-12 - 6th July-13th July - Revision

Summer Term - Week 10 - 29th June - Filtration

Summer Term - Week 9 - 22nd June - Density

Summer Term - Week 8 - 15th June - Revision

This week's work is some revision questions all about materials and their properties. Most of the questions are easily answered without resources being needed and cover the topics we have already looked at during our home schooling time. Some of the questions (for example separating iron filing and sand) we have not directly covered. However, you can still have a go by using your prior knowledge, but feel free to research in your own way if needed.

Summer Term Wk 2 - Solids, Liquids and Gases