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Homework Letter

Dear Parents,


Following discussions with the class, one of the 'fears' they have about secondary school is the amount of homework they will be getting - daily issued and due back after varying amounts of time.


So, instead of the weekly issue homework this term, I will be issuing homework daily and across a range of subjects - due back on different days. I will issue a timetable of when work will be issued and due back.


Homework will be issued online as now - but for the first week or two will be presented on paper too. Paper will be issued for homework to be completed on as we will be sticking it into the class books as and when appropriate. 


I appreciate that homework in Primary School is not mandatory - but at high school it is. Whilst I cannot make anyone do the homework issued, I am trying to support our pupils in getting ready for September. I don't want multiple issue of homework to be a surprise. 


The tasks issued will not be huge - the aim is to manage the frequency and return than spend hours on completion. I look forward to your support in encouraging your young person to complete the work as best they can.


Let us see how it works - your feedback will be most welcome as this is the first time I have tried this transition task.




Mr. B.