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Home Learning

Week beginning 6th December


Use tt Rockstars


Finding the difference


Find Change

2 step word problems with money


Use the map to help you describe 2 journeys from Rome to Britain, one over land and one by sea. Use geographical vocabulary and the compass points to give directions.


Session 1: Use the planning sheet and last week's notes about characters and settings to plan your own fairy tale. Just use bullet points and key reminder words.


Session 2: Now write your fairy story by adding extra detail to your planning. Start your fairy tale with: Once upon a time...

LO: Compose and rehearse sentences which are increasingly rich in vocabulary and structure

Remember to include the following:

  • adjectives and adverbs
  • conjunctions
  • a little bit of speech
  • a variety of sentence starters
  • lots of action and description



Week beginning 29.11.21


Watch the video (a couple times and note down key words) and the powerpoint, then write about bones and the skeleton

LO: I can describe and explain what bones and skeletons do

Maths (for over the week)

Also use Hit the Button please


Over the next week the children will be planning their own fairy stories.

Session 1

Today we're going to plan the setting.

LO: To create a setting with well chosen words and phrases

First watch the video then list all your setting ideas. If you can use a thesaurus this would be great.

Session 2

Now we will plan our 2 main characters (a Goody and a Baddy) using the headings below to make notes.




What they do

What they say

LO: I can think of ideas for writing using reading, observation and imagination



Watch videos and read weblinks about Roman food.

Write an alliterative alphabet of foods that the Romans brought to Britain (use the list below to help) e.g.

  • awesome apples
  • beautiful broad beans