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Week beginning 18.5.20

Week beginning 18.5.20 1 Super stretchy slime. Have you made some?
Week beginning 18.5.20 2 Beautiful beach scene with your dog EWa
Week beginning 18.5.20 3 Science 'tooth decay' experiment set up DT
Week beginning 18.5.20 4 All about Anglo Saxon homes RH
Week beginning 18.5.20 5 On the beach CP
Week beginning 18.5.20 6 Happy on my horse HF
Week beginning 18.5.20 7 Exploring the history of Bradwell HB
Week beginning 18.5.20 8 Lots of concentration needed to weave KK
Week beginning 18.5.20 9 Beware of the milk (after several days!) NL
Week beginning 18.5.20 10 Looks interesting! JC
Week beginning 18.5.20 11 What have you got James?
Week beginning 18.5.20 12
Week beginning 18.5.20 13 Looking forward to this!
Week beginning 18.5.20 14 Den building.AA I'm jealous
Week beginning 18.5.20 15 Co-ordinate challenges AA
Week beginning 18.5.20 16 A Day Out AA
Week beginning 18.5.20 17 Oaks are amazing. WR
Week beginning 18.5.20 18 Testing ideas to solve the brain teasers WR
Week beginning 18.5.20 19 Planning with a storyboard WR
Week beginning 18.5.20 20 Beautiful view WR
Week beginning 18.5.20 21 A stunning sunset over the river. WR
Week beginning 18.5.20 22 A daily walk WR
Week beginning 18.5.20 23 My dog and I WR
Week beginning 18.5.20 24 Something to brighten your day. WR
Week beginning 18.5.20 25 A way to remember these tricky times LA
Week beginning 18.5.20 26 A picture for my dad LAJ
Week beginning 18.5.20 27 Look at the size of those front paws! ML
Week beginning 18.5.20 28 A poem of my activities. ML
Week beginning 18.5.20 29 Adopting a rhino
Week beginning 18.5.20 30 Using a dictionary
Week beginning 18.5.20 31 Hard at work outside
Week beginning 18.5.20 32
Week beginning 18.5.20 33 Fantastic rainbow cake Aiden!
Week beginning 18.5.20 34 Jigsaw geography. What do you know about the UK?

Week beginning 11.5.20

Week beginning 11.5.20 1 Bug hotel...what might come and live in it!
Week beginning 11.5.20 2 Busy, busy, busy
Week beginning 11.5.20 3 Super photo.EM Why do plants have flowers?
Week beginning 11.5.20 4 Can you spot the tortoise? AB
Week beginning 11.5.20 5 Here he/she is! AB
Week beginning 11.5.20 6 A homemade lava lamp EW
Week beginning 11.5.20 7 Mixing potions...dragon blood and unicorn tears?
Week beginning 11.5.20 8 Great book! PW
Week beginning 11.5.20 9 Hard working dog!
Week beginning 11.5.20 10 Working on perimeters EW
Week beginning 11.5.20 11 Baby pigeon...what happens next? LAJ
Week beginning 11.5.20 12 Grandad and friend over 50 years ago. LJA
Week beginning 11.5.20 13 Grandad and friend meeting recently. LJA
Week beginning 11.5.20 14 Look at those delicious cakes! Mmmmm.
Week beginning 11.5.20 15 Fun baking.
Week beginning 11.5.20 16 I like designing my blog avatar WR
Week beginning 11.5.20 17 Anti-bullying poster. WR Look after each other.
Week beginning 11.5.20 18 Lovely leaf weaving NL
Week beginning 11.5.20 19 And a crown with leaves too!
Week beginning 11.5.20 20 More magnificent weaving ML
Week beginning 11.5.20 21 Using woodland materials ML
Week beginning 11.5.20 22 Wonderful weaving AA
Week beginning 11.5.20 23 Well done for making your own loom AA
Week beginning 11.5.20 24 Beautiful biscuits AB
Week beginning 11.5.20 25 All ready for VE Day AB
Week beginning 11.5.20 26 Enjoying VE Day celebrations AB
Week beginning 11.5.20 27 What games are you playing? AB
Week beginning 11.5.20 28 More fabulous weaving CT
Week beginning 11.5.20 29 Mmm! CT But are we eating too many cakes?

Week beginning 4.5.20

Week beginning 4.5.20 1 Paper weaving EI
Week beginning 4.5.20 2 Super colours and super effective
Week beginning 4.5.20 3 Learning to play the piano EI
Week beginning 4.5.20 4 These caterpillars are starting to change. EI
Week beginning 4.5.20 5 Straw weaving with extra bling! LM
Week beginning 4.5.20 6
Week beginning 4.5.20 7 Glorious raspberry Victoria sponge CP
Week beginning 4.5.20 8 Set your parents up with a date night! CP
Week beginning 4.5.20 9 Outside art.
Week beginning 4.5.20 10 Great to see so many of you gardening.
Week beginning 4.5.20 11 Guess the story. WW
Week beginning 4.5.20 12 All ready for VE Day. RH
Week beginning 4.5.20 13 Archery with Archie
Week beginning 4.5.20 14 Messages in Morse Code. -oo o- -o
Week beginning 4.5.20 15 Wood walk bingo. HK
Week beginning 4.5.20 16 Super gardening activities WR
Week beginning 4.5.20 17 Making risotto. ML
Week beginning 4.5.20 18 Experimenting with Oobleck.
Week beginning 4.5.20 19 What a lovely place to cycle.
Week beginning 4.5.20 20 We are so lucky with our views WR
Week beginning 4.5.20 21 Who's watching ML?
Week beginning 4.5.20 22 Fabulous (and fearsome) bearded dragon EW
Week beginning 27.4.20
Picture 1 LAJ having fun!
Picture 2 Egceptional egg experiment MS
Picture 3 Lovely lava lamp investigation MS
Picture 4 Can you guess whose shadow this is?
Picture 5 What is the purpose of a dandelion head?
Picture 6 What can you find on a tree? RH
Picture 7 Ananse story. Looking forward to reading it.
Picture 8 Have a go at your own scavenger hunt. RH
Picture 9 Love the colour blends on this tissue rainbow AB

Poem from Aiden.

Picture 1 Excellent weaving WW
Picture 2 Hope the rest of you try this.
Picture 3 Wildlife programmes are so interesting to watch
Picture 4 Decorating wood...what an effective idea.WR
Picture 5 What plants are these? WR
Picture 6 This is Miss P every morning...NOT! Thanks WR
Picture 7 More cool moves from JC
Picture 8 I love the colour changes on this painting. NL
Picture 9 Castle poem with super adjectives and rhyme. NL
Picture 10 Anglo-Saxon research NL
Picture 11 Working outside
Picture 12 English lessons about Ananse
Picture 13
Picture 14 Cooking scones too!
Picture 15 Paper bridge challenge...try it yourself
Picture 16 Super stunning art
Picture 17 Is that pink hair?
Picture 18 Wow. Love your rainbow. PLW
Picture 19 Can you guess what meal this chopping is for?
Picture 20 Set up a timetable KK
Picture 21 List of activities completed KK
Picture 22 Ahh books too. KK
Picture 23 Awesome adjectives
Picture 24 Noun phrases with prepositions
Picture 25
Picture 26
Picture 27 Letters to friends ML
Picture 28 Telling time. LE
Picture 29 Let me know how you do with your time.
Picture 30 Multiply and divide by 10 and 100

Hayley's science activities

Week beginning 20.4.20
Picture 1 I love this book.
Picture 2 Telling time
Picture 3 Clapping for the NHS.
Picture 4 How many rainbows?
Picture 5 Try out some cycling
Picture 6 Fun with cooking.
Picture 7 Indoor camping weekend. Try it
Picture 8 Linking fractions and division
Picture 9 Digestion labels. What does each part do?
Picture 10 Noun phrases...can you add fronted adverbials?
Picture 11 Questions about when Grandad Nick went to school
Picture 12 Cheeky chicks. Have you seen springtime babies?
Picture 13 Strange place for a caterpillar
Picture 14 What butterflies can you see where you are?
Picture 15 Great drawing. Who is it?
Picture 16 Research about William Shakespeare
Picture 17 For my nan
Picture 18 On your bike! Preferably outside.
Picture 19 Spaghetti challenge. Wow!
Picture 20 NHS biscuits...Lockdown Bakeoff!
Picture 21 Cows... somewhere!
Picture 22 Guess what?
Picture 23 Newts.
Picture 24 Found when dog walking.
Picture 25 Letter to care home resident
Picture 26 What a lovely idea.
Picture 27 To cheer us all up.
Picture 28 Wow! these look fantastic.
Picture 29 Really careful lines.
Picture 30 Decorating
Picture 31 These will cheer us up.
Picture 32 Easter art...brilliant bunny!
Picture 33 Two more cute bunnies.
Picture 34 Enjoying all sorts of different activities
Picture 35 Workbooks to help and check website ideas too.
Picture 36 Super homemade soup. Hope it was tasty.
Picture 37 Hard at work!
Picture 38 Amazing adverbs
Picture 39
Picture 40 A bean seed with 2 leaves after only 5 days.
Picture 41 Fronted adverbials too. Ace!
Picture 42 Really careful art.Looks great.
Picture 43 Enjoying working at home!
Picture 44 Have you got a timetable?
Picture 45 Fab rainbow
Picture 46 Mmm!
Picture 47 That jellyfish looks amazing!
Picture 48 Spring on the farm