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Purleigh Community Primary School

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Fun Friday …or not!

Try this weird dot piano. Pressing keys makes sounds!


Groove Pizza - check out the specials button


Fractions games:

Starter: Put fractions on number lines


Main: Chant in 2s, chant in 20s, 3s and 30s, 4s and 40s, 5 and 50s

Equals sentences. True or false? Watch Miss P’s video

Try some (Q sheets 1,2 and 3 easier to harder)

Awesome Active Activity

Purple Watermelon Brain Buster Breaks

Do the warm up then Day 2 The axe chop challenge


Spelling: Practice the target words as joined handwriting then write them on the ‘4th try’ section of the Look, Say, Cover, Write, Check sheet.


Carry on writing your own mythical story.

Show the danger and pain of the problem.

Take time on the resolution so there might be several attempts and fails or various stages of battles.

We will have a finish off and edit time on Monday.