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Due 120521

Homework Note

Homework marking should all be up to date - there may be a Maths section to still mark - please let us know when the books are handed in this week so we can finish that off. 

Topic Homework

Choose a task from the Homework Menu

English - FREE WRITE. Choose your own style of writing. Use the picture as a stimulus. You may use the questions / story starter to help ... if you wish or need to. Try a style that you have not used recently. See text type summary on main menu with the Topic Homework ideas.

Maths - Questions 1 to 11 this week please. No need to prinf off - just write the answers and any working out in your books.

Spellings - Friday's Test may include any of these words

Times Tables

Any answer in the times tables from 0 x 1 to 12 x 12 may be covered

Practise your weaker areas

Test will include multiply, divide, square, cube and square root questions to show fluency