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Due 050521

Homework Note

Homework was not all marked this week, and unfortunately books were not given back out.

Please make sure that homework books are returned by Wednesday this week (even if homework has not been completed) so we can update with a copy of the Homework Menu and to make sure that any outstanding work is marked. Thanks.

Topic Homework

Choose a task from the Homework Menu

English - FREE WRITE. Choose your own style of writing. Use the picture as a stimulus. You may use the questions / story starter to help ... if you wish or need to. Try a style that you have not used recently.

Maths - Questions 23 to 33 this week please.

Spellings - Friday's Test may include any of these words

Times Tables

Any answer in the times tables from 0 x 1 to 12 x 12 may be covered

Practise your weaker areas

Test will include multiply, divide, square, cube and square root questions to show fluency