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Day 4

Hi there, 

I'd like to say thank you for all the fabulous gifts I received for Christmas. I hope you all had some lovely times.


Spider Starter

What do you know about spiders?

How do you feel about them? Why?

What would you like to find out about them?

Keeping Active
Fabulous fun but I did get tangled up quite a bit ... and nearly fell over twice!


Look at the resources sheet and decide which character you want to focus on: Zeus, Pandora or Athene.  

What do you know about them so far? Think of clues from the stories we have read this week.

Write interview questions for the character and imagine their answers - just like hot seating.



Choose one of the videos below to help you draw Zeus. Or have a go at your own version.

If you want to draw Athene or Arachne you can do that instead.

Do you want to know more about spiders?