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Day 2

We are going to be using Greek Myths as the basis for quite a lot of our English activities this term.

Myths are stories that people told to help them understand the world, how it and the things in it were created and to explain the many things or events that we experience.

These stories were usually about gods and goddesses and often had fantastical creatures in them.

English lesson introduction

Still image for this video

Maths - Place Value

Digits are worth different amounts depending on their place in a number.

For example 238

The  8 digit is worth 8 ones

The 3 digit is worth 3 tens (30)

The 2 digit has a value of 2 hundreds (200)


Rewatch the powerpoint and bbc videos again.

Make up a 3 digit numbers. Can you say it?

Ask 'What is that digit worth?'


Science - Forces (Pushes and Pulls, Magnets)

Geography Blank map of Europe

Find and label the UK. Do you know where London is?

Use an atlas or online maps to find the Mediterranean Sea and Greece.

What direction is Greece from England?

Watch the video about the geography of Greece.

Label some other countries if you get time - or go back to do this later