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WC 04/01/21

WC 11/01/21


   This week's challenge is linked to our learning about the fire service. Can you follow the recipe to make a 'Fiery Ginger Cake'? I look forward to seeing some photos on Tapestry of you weighing, measuring, mixing and eating! Good Luck!

WC 18/01/21


   Your challenge this week is to make a potion. You can use anything you like (with an adults permission), and you should think about what your potion does. Think about the different ingredients that you might add and why. Use a recycled bottle to store you potion and design a label to tell someone else what it is, what it does, and what it has in it. Good luck and happy potion making!

WC 25/01/21



This week's challenge has been set by Miss Holmes. Please have a look through the challenge document and other resources below...

WC 01/02/21



For this week's challenge, I'd like you too go outside and make a home for a creature of your choice. Vets, zoos and wildlife organisations are always working hard to create excellent habitats and homes for different animals. Have a go at building a new home for an animal in your garden this week. Make sure to think about the animals needs, their size, and their normal living conditions. Have a look online to find some inspiration and guidance on building animal homes. Make sure to ask an adult before building, and don't destroy any existing homes in the process! I look forward to seeing your lovely log piles, brilliant bug hotels, and terrific treetop nests!

Have fun!

WC 08/02/21



This week, you have been set a stargazing challenge by Miss Harlow. Below is a resources pack that you will need for your stargazing challenge. All the guidance and details can be found on the Home Learning home page. Good luck, everyone!