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Bluehouse Farm Trip- 19th April 2018

On 19th April, Class 3 went out for a day trip to Bluehouse Farm in North Fambridge. We went to work with Essex Wildlife Trust to learn all about the environment and animals that lived on the nature reserve. First, we went on a walk to the sea wall to look for different types of birds. We used binoculars and fact sheet to identify the birds that we could see. We then played a game linked to some of the types of birds found at the Farm. It was a lot of fun competing in two teams to see who got the most food. After lunch, we went on a mini-beast hunt. We used nets and other tools to catch and look at different insects. We found animals like spiders, ladybirds, dragonfly and earwigs! The last activity was the best! We went pond dipping. Using a net, we caught water scorpions, water skimmers and water flies. The day was beautiful and sunny throughout our trip and we all had lots of fun!!!!